List of NROTC Colleges



List of NROTC Colleges in the Country


Students who want to join the Navy are having a hard time getting a list of NROTC colleges simply because not every school in the country is one. Being accepted in a NROTC accredited school is a must because even if the student is a NROTC scholar, once he enrolls in a non-NROTC accredited school his scholarship has to be cancelled. Here is the list of the different colleges that offers NROTC to help you in your search.

List of NROTC Colleges –Eastern and Northeastern


list of nrotc colleges

The states of New York, Pennsylvania, Boston and Maine offer colleges and universities that are accredited with the NROTC program. The NROTC schools in New York are the University of Rochester, State University of New York, Cornwell University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; in Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, Villanova University and Pennsylvania State University; in Boston are the Worcester State University and Boston University; and in Maine, the University of Maine Orono branch, Husson University and Maine Maritime Academy.

The District of Columbia and Vermont also have their own NROTC schools which are the George Washington University and the Norwich University respectively. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, College of the Holy Cross and Harvard University also offers NROTC courses.

List of NROTC Colleges –Northern and Northwestern

The states of Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio also offer different colleges and universities running the NROTC program. The NROTC schools in Washington are the Seattle University and the University of Washington; in Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin and the Marquette University; and in Illinois, the Illinois Institute of Technology, the University of Illinois and the Northwestern University.

The NROTC schools in Michigan are the University of Michigan and the Eastern Michigan University; in Indiana, the University of Notre Dame and the Purdue University; and in Ohio, the Miami University and the Ohio State University. There are also other NROTC schools like the University of Nebraska, the Iowa State University, the Oregon State University and the University of Idaho.

List of NROTC Colleges – The South

The states of California, New Mexico, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Colorado and Arizona also offer these types of schools. The NROTC in California are the University of San Diego, University of California in Los Angeles and Berkeley and University of Southern California; in New Mexico, the Central New Mexico Community College and the University of New Mexico; and in Kansas, the Washburn University, University of Kansas, and Baker University.

The NROTC schools in Texas are the University of Texas, Rice University and Texas and Prairie View A&M; in Utah, the Westminster College and University of Utah; in Colorado, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Regis University, University of Colorado Denver branch; and in Arizona, the University of Arizona, Pima University College and Arizona State University. The University of Oklahoma has its own NROTC program.

If you are an aspiring student and don’t know which universities and colleges to enroll to just check this list of NROTC colleges and go forward with your chosen vocation.



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