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How To Check Your NROTC Scholarship Status


The Navel Reserve Officer Training Corps or NROTC offers scholarships for interested applicants. Applying for these monies can help you to make your professional dreams come true. Following are several tips for checking on your NROTC scholarship status.


The process of checking an existing application is actually very easy. You simply need to enter your social security number, your birth date and the year that you applied for. Upon entering these things you will be notified of whether or not an approval is easy. This is accomplished directly through a link that is provided by the US Navy.


nrotc scholarship status

If you have not yet submitted an application for this type and manner of financial assistance, you can do so quite easily. These monies are awarded according to three tier systems based upon the needs of the US Navy. Interested parties should study these three tiers to learn whether or not the are qualified to receive a funding approval according to their areas of academic interest.

When submitting an application, applicants are required to select a minimum of five schools. Each one of these schools must be for a separate ROTC unit. One of these institutions must be a state school. The state school, however, is not required to be within the home state of the applicant.


What To Expect Once Your Application Has Been Filed


There are a variety of supplemental required forms that must be submitted as well. Once all of the necessary documents have been submitted, there is much work that must be done on the part of the prospective student. He or she will be contacted by a coordinator who will then begin to arrange a series of in-person interviews. These will allow prospective students to detail their goals, their past accomplishment and how they hope to become of benefit to the US Navy. Although these interview processes can be a bit nerve-wracking, they are also good preparation for many of the careers that exist within the three tier levels and allow various departments to assess the strengths and weaknesses of those who are applying.


In addition to these meeting, there will also be the collection of transcripts and test scores. The testing scores will often be directly acquired from the respective agencies. These will then undergo a rigorous review process.


After an approval has been received, there will still be more to accomplish yet. For instance, the student will need to pass a comprehensive medical exam. This is performed by The Department of Defense. Students with any major medical impairments that will prevent them from fulfilling their academic training and any service may be disqualified for participation in certain programs.


Checking an NROTC Scholarship status can be a very exciting experience. It is important to note, however, that both the initial application process and all that follows can be both intensive and rigorous. Those who are eager to take this journey, however, will happily greet the challenges that lie ahead. They can do so understanding that there are many career benefits that they can obtain by taking this particular academic path.




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